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Leonor​ is a tragic ode to sorrow and loss, saturated with melancholic airy basslines and backyard noises, and broken down by raw techno sound. It’s a deeply personal story by Ivy’s Hands aka Portuguese musician Ricardo Bruce, and the first album to be released on Borshch.

Ivy’s Hands composed Leonor in two days in 2018, right after the tragic suicide of a girl he met on a dancefloor at one of Berlin’s concert venues. “It was a regular Thursday night, and one of my favourite bands were playing at SO36. When the gig was over, techno started playing. I was at the front row and saw a blue silhouette of a girl dancing next to me. She had fine movements. When I saw her face, I noticed tears in her eyes. She was really broken about something. Her dancing was delicate and beautiful, but even in her moves, I could feel pure sadness.

After a while I asked what was wrong and what her name was. “Nothing... Leonor, ” and she left right there. I stayed until the end of the night and went to the toilet before I left. There was a lot of chaos around there. Bouncers were carrying Leonor out, she was lifeless. The ambulance took her. Some days after I went back and asked the bouncers what happened. They told me she died in the toilet booth”.

Leonor​ is Ivy’s Hands’ farewell to the girl who was dancing with tears in her eyes for the last time in the Berlin’s iconic club, and a hopeless attempt to make her silhouette last forever, captured in five heartbreaking techno songs.

Format: Cassette Tape 
Edition: 50
Released: 30th August 2019

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